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International Alumni Seminar: “Innovations for New Town Development in the MENA Region” Campus El Gouna, Egypt



The satellite campus El Gouna was established to act as a scientific and academic field office of TU Berlin on the Red Sea in Egypt. It offers three master’s degree programs and great possibilities for science, research and development. The campus El Gouna is a unique public-private partnership (PPP) project in the field of education export. It was financed by TU Berlin alumnus Samih Sawiris and opened its doors in October 2012. The aim of the master’s programs (Urban Development, Energy Engineering & Water Engineering) is to deal with current and pressing development issues in the MENA region:

  • high rate of population growth,
  • urban Agglomeration in the form of migration from rural area to urban area,
  • increasing scarcity of resources (e.g. water),
  • increasing energy consumption,
  • global climate change and its impacts in MENA region,
  • low gross national product and growing share of the population below the poverty line.

About the Seminar

Rapid population growth and massive rural-urban migration has led all MENA countries to set up comprehensive New Towns programs for two to three decades and to develop their own, usually centralized, administrative structures to plan and manage these large-scale projects (e.g. in Egypt the "New Urban Communities Authority" and in Iran the "New Town Development Corporation"). Experience with these strategies has been critical in several respects. To a significant extent, the realized buildings are not accepted and are vacant. The main reasons for this are in particular:

  • lack of connection of the New Towns to core cities with public transport (connectivity),
  • too high price level for the target group Low Income Families,
  • inadequate, social, cultural and recreational infrastructure,
  • monofunctional usage structure, missing jobs.

The opportunity to introduce and test innovative approaches in the areas of resource conservation, transport, dealing with climate change, consideration of regional peculiarities etc. in these new "formally planned" settlement units is rarely used, and conventional type solutions dominate in this field. In addition, there are often considerable deficits in the area of ​​legal and administrative framework conditions, in particular with regard to land development and management.

To deal with this challenge, this seminar will offer excursions to the extended areas of Hurghada and to the new town of Upper Egypt named “Qena”. From these field excursions, the participants will gather significant insight of the new town developments of the MENA region.


The event aims at bringing the following outcomes:

  • provide important insight on different development issues like urban development, water, energy, waste water, climate etc. under the frame of new town development,
  • exchange of different development experience from different contexts as an alumnus as well as professional or scientist,
  • offer a long-term network in the sense of south-north or south-south dialogue,
  • creating a platform for cooperation initiatives in the regional context

Preliminary program

Day 1 (10 October 2019)

  • Welcome Words
  • New Town Strategy in the MENA Region- TU Delft/International New Town Institute Rotterdam
  • City Growth in the MENA Region- Habitat International
  • New Town and Settlement Development in Germany- TU Berlin
  • Recipe for New Town Development- Fachhochschule Lübeck
  • Networking Dinner

Day 2 (11 October 2019)

  • New Towns in Egypt: Perspective and Experience
  • New Town Development: Challenges for Planning and Management
  • The Role of Real Estate Companies and Developers in New Town Development
  • Standards for Egyptian New Towns
  • Excursion in El Gouna and Hurghada

Day 3 (12 October 2019)

  • New Town Strategy and Experience in Tunisia
  • New Town as a field of New Innovation
  • Streetscape as a tool to Produce Renewable Energy
  • Impact Assessment of New Town Development
  • Renewable Energy and Carbon Emission in New Town Development

Day 4 (13 October 2019)

  • New Town Strategy and Experience in Jordan
  • Sustainable Water Management in New Towns
  • Sustainable Water Finance in New Towns
  • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse of Solutions for Commercial Buildings in Kabul

Day 5 (14 October 2019)

  • New Town Strategy and Experience in Iraq
  • Urban Climate and Health in New Town Development
  • Disaster Resilience in New Town Development
  • Urban Morphology and Extension System

Day 6 (15 October 2019)

  • Excursion to New Town QENA

Day 7 (16 October 2019)

  • Innovations in New Town Development
  • New Town Strategy and Experience in Algeria
  • Sustainable Town and Connected Neighbourhood
  • Institutional Landscape of New Town Development
  • Evaluation, Wrap Up and Farewell 


Subject to change without prior notice.

The event will be held in English.


Terms of Participation

Eligibility Criteria:

Alumni of TU Berlin and FU Berlin residing in Egypt, the MENA region or other countries on the DAC list with an academic and/or professional background in the fields of urban planning, civil engineering, architecture, energy engineering, water engineering, urban development, informatics, economy and with experience and or interest in the prospect of new town development.

Participation and Sponsorship:

The participants must engage actively during the entire alumni seminar. If selected, the participants are supposed to contribute to the seminar with a paper or a presentation from their regional or country context. Travelling expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of the relevant documents. Accommodation and other logitics will be arranged from the organizer's side.



The deadline for application was 20 July 2019.


Management Team

Prof. Dr. Matthias Barjenbruch, Institute of Civil Engineering, Department of Water Engineering and Director of the Zentralinstitut El Gouna

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schäfer, Study Dean- Department of Urban Development, Zentralinstitut El Gouna

Papon Dev, M.Sc., Research Associate, Department of Urban Development, TU Berlin Campus El Gouna

Ira Lemm, M.Sc., Research Associate, Department of Urban Development, TU Berlin Campus El Gouna



El Gouna Office

M.Sc. Papon Kumar Dev

Tel: +49 (0)30 314-75721

E-Mail: dev@tu-berlin.de


Funded by:

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