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Martin Grabert

Study/research at TU Berlin:

Mechanical Engineering and Aircraft Design ILR (Dipl.-Ing.) in 1984 und dissertation in the context of the SFB 203 to Dr.-Ing.


1984 and 1989

Current Occupation:

After many years in higher education & research policy (Berlin, Bonn, Brussels and Canberra) I now work as a ST&I consultant in Brisbane, Australia. Our main focus is on new technologies for the production of biodegradable plastic in the Pacific region. My company Montroix Pty Ltd is also involved in training activities around the topic of 'international research collaboration' for academics and research managers in the Southern Hemisphere.

What I' m offering:

I can provide support in finding the right people to collaborate/study with in Australia. During my time with the 'Group of Eight' I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Australian Higher Education in general and the Universities in particular. My network spans from the University of Western Australia in Perth over the University of Melbourne, ANU in Canberra, UNSW in Sydney to the University of Queensland in Brisbane and all the other 34 Universities in between.




Brett Molesworth

Study/research at TU Berlin:

Between July 2011 and January 2012 I took sabbatical at TU Berlin. During that time I was located in the Department of Psychology and Ergonomics, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, chaired by Professor Matthias Roetting. While on sabbatical I conducted one applied study investigating the effect of broadband noise on cognition. I also tried to learn a language during this time, and studied German at TU Berlin.

Current Occupation:

I am an Associate Professor of Human Factors and Aviation Safety at UNSW Sydney, Australia. In my current role at UNSW Sydney, School of Aviation, I lecture in the area of Human Factors and Aviation Safety, supervise both Masters and PhD students, as well as conduct applied research.

What I' m offering:

I decided to volunteer as an ambassador for TU Berlin because I believe the university and their staff have a lot to offer. The academics I know at TU Berlin conduct high quality research. They are also very personable. As an ambassador, I would like to advocate and promote this professional, friendly and collegiate culture.


The best method to contact me is via email (b.molesworth(at)unsw.edu.au

) or telephone + 61 2 9385 6757. My website is


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